Is Escort Service Same As What Prostitutes Do?

The question has been asked by many for a long time now. This intriguing question has a simple answer in negative, yet the explanation is pretty lengthy in its entirety. These two professions are not just different, but there are also some fundamental similarities to it.

Differences between escorts and prostitutes

There are many differences between the two, but two of those could be summed up in the below mentioned points.

  • Nature of service: Escorts provide intellectual companionship and assistance, if so required. For example, if someone gets in touch with escort, he can choose a woman who would be educated and fit to take out on a corporate social gathering as a date, which would be her primary job. Sex may be a matter of choice between the escort and client, but not mandatory. However, a prostitute would be hired for one sole reason, to have sex and nothing else.
  • Remunerations: An escort is always considered to be suave and high-class, while a prostitute is opposite to that. Hence, the remuneration for both are pretty different. The former gets more along with gifts and dresses, if she is to accompany the client for a certain party or meeting. On the other hand, a prostitute just gets paid for the sexual favours she renders to her client.

Similarities between escorts and prostitutes

Although, there are differences between these two, there are also similarities.

  • Sexual appeal: Both of them are picked primarily on the basis of their sexual appeal. How good they look, how lustful gaze they have, how seductively they carry themselves, how well-endowed they are; could be counted as the selection criteria of many men. Indeed, their primary and last job could be anything else, but satisfying their clients sexually is one such task, which is considered to be common between both of them.
  • Risk: Both of them face the same risk of getting abused or beaten or raped or even killed by their client. This is something that has happened in the past and it does happen at times; except the last one in the list. Bodily harm to them can’t be denied in this line of profession.
  • Social stigma: In many countries, an escort or prostitute can’t disclose her profession because the society looks down upon their profession and them.

The above explained detail is just a small part of the entire scenario, which should not be taken as the entire fact. There is more to the subject, which can be explored with better attention.


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