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Connection Between Technology & Games

The present era in which we are living is the era of technologies, all sorts of things and along with it all kind of works we do in the day to day life of our own are up to a certain extent related with the technologies only. The significance of the technologies in our lives is too much as these are an important part of our daily life in the form of all sorts of things which we generally use in own life such as household items, television, vehicle etc. all of these technological products had made our lives very simpler and easy going overall in all aspects of daily life.

Although, the technologies had provided us several sort of lucrative things but among all of them there are few things which had became the most important necessities of life after the basic ones and the mobile phone is one of them. A lot of changes had been taken place in the form factor, features, facilities and usage of the mobile phones since from the time of their advent; earlier the mobile phones are of very simple type which could be only used for doing conversation but at the present time the mobile phones are highly advanced having various sorts of exciting features, faster processing capability and different sorts of high level user friendly operating systems which had made them excellent option of entertainment for the gaming freaks.

Now there had been a lot of exciting options available for the gaming geeks in the form of various games of action, adventure, racing, puzzle, strategy, MMO, RPG and various other sorts of game’s genres available in form of apps which could be played and enjoyed on the android phones. The games are the favorite pastime for the peoples of all age groups and the availability of several gaming apps had fulfilling the desire of enjoying games and a lot of games are arriving continuously for the amusement of the peoples.

Communication Facilities And Technologies

Earlier, in the olden days the people does not had facilities for communicating with others and for this they have to meet that very people personally for talking with him who lives at shorter distances, at that very time they facility of letters and telegrams are only in existence through which the people communicate with each other especially with those who lives far away. The telegrams and letters reach to their destinations in a very long time but the people communicate through these only as because it is the only source available through which they could know well-being of others.

The lifestyle of the today’s world is very fast paced and as because of it the life of the people is of very busy type in all aspect. The people have to do a lot of works and along with it they have to sort out various duties as well which are associated with their personal and official life and as because of being indulged in the completion of their official and personal tasks and duties all of the people did not have much free time in their own day to day life.

But although even after being engaged in their various sorts of responsibilities the people asks the well being of others and for this all of us should be thankful to the telecommunication and other sorts of communication facilities with whose help we could talk with each other easily on telephone and online as well via textual chatting. Along with these with the assistance of facility video calling and online video conferencing we could talk with each other face to face as we are in front of each other whether we are miles away from each other. The technologies have ended the distances completely between the people and shorten the world as well. Apart from personal usages the facility is being used in education sector for educating students and other sorts of works as well.

Clean Technology: The Environment Friendly Technology

There are various sorts of technologies which are an important part of ours day to day life as at present almost every sort of our work which is being carried out by we peoples in our daily life are anyhow in any form related with the technologies only and along with these the things which are used by us are also outcomes of the technologies only. There will be not any sort of exaggeration in saying this that the technologies had became a vital part of our day by day living and we could not think about the easier and well existence of our own without these.

The technologies are extremely beneficial for us in several ways and various aspects of life as well but along with being beneficial there are few sorts of technologies and along with it there are few more things as well which are hazardous for us if not being used by us properly. Among all of these the sources of energy which are being used in vehicles as fuel, running machineries in factories, providing electricity through generators and various other works as well. These sources of energy are non renewable and these are harmful for the environment as well. Thus for protecting the environment along with doing less usage of the non renewable energy sources, we are moving towards the usage of the clean technology.

The term clean technology is being used for the those sorts of things which are energy efficient and does not harms the environment in which the renewable sources of energy, battery powered vehicles etc. comes under the category of clean technology. At present these are being used in several countries all over the world for decreasing the pollution and making the environment safer for all. The usage of cleaning technology is being used at wide level all over the world in different sorts of projects of different scales and it is extremely beneficial for all of us.